We've recently taken over an allotment and there are well established raspberry canes completely overgrown with couch grass.  Would it be recommended to dig up the canes, remove the grass roots and replant - and if so is now the best time to be doing this?  Any help would be gratefully appreciated!



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    If you are going to attempt this -now is the time- whilst they are dormantimage

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    If faced with this problem I would plant new canes in a clean plot.  You will never get rid of the couch grass in one season and if you are re-planting raspberry canes you will have to cut them to the ground anyway - or you should - unless they are autumn-fruiting, when they would be cut down without missing a season of cropping.

    If you have just taken over the plot you will not know the variety, how old they are or whether they have virus.  They may have also exhausted the place where they are.

  • Depends how old and neglected these canes are, if 10 + years they are probably past their best.  it might be best to start fresh with clean soil and new plants  there are some good thornless varieties, which make picking less painful!

  • I have two half sized allotments. My first one had over grown raspberries . I weeded them and watched them but after three years I gave up and dug them up as I was getting very small berries and not many. My second half allotment I took over last September with over grown raspberries, but this time they look nice and taste good.So I cut them down a few months ago .( I think they must be autumn fruiting)  Like yours they are full of couch grass. I plan to try to weed them but the weather has been so wet I have not been able to do much. I will give them one season then start again if no improvement. It seems a shame not to try. I have no real knowledge so am not saying try to keep them I just thought it might help to know you are not alone.

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