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Is it just me?...or does anyone feel its like watching a garden version of Sesame Street? And today...we are looking at the letter E. Lol. Just watched again thinking I was maybe imagining it. Some good tips but do feel I should be crossed legged 2 ft away from the telly with sweeties image


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    Lol image
  • image Thank God I'm not alone... .it starts off with Carols' patronising stance and progresses from there. Anyway, it's another programme cobbled together to produce another "filler". Why don't they show repeats of GW etc., at least it's a REAL programme for adults image

  • I would much rather see gardeners world repeats too lol.
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    Look, for years we  gardeners have been saying where are the gardening programmes. It may be flawed BUT it is a gardening programme and good ratings could well lead to other programmes.

    And GW isn't the best at the moment either. not 'down to earth' enough

  • What happened to the gardening channel on Sky? A;pparently, not enough people watched it.

  • How do you mean 'down to earth' Rosa? image
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    I used to watch the gardening channel on Sky. They showed lots of old GWs with Geoff Hamilton and garden design competions with Chris Beardshaw. I miss it. Keep forgetting AZ because I feed horses before going to church.

  • I enoy it as it takes bits from many different sources and most are very imformatitive.

    Any gardening prog on TV is good for me. I also wish sky would restart the gardening channel

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    Don't have Sky - can't afford it. So anything the Freeview Channels throw out is what I watch

    Down to earth - apart from the obvious gardening reference - it is quite idealistic and not down to the level of the average humble garden. Some advice is useful though.

  • We recorded it this morning and just watched it - we got the letter F!  Fuchsias, fencing, ferns etc. We wondered about E - OH is just off checking if we missed something? I loved the ferns bit image

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    Not watched this yet, it's on way too early on a Sunday for meimage. Really odd bit of scheduling I think. Will have a look though

  • Hollie hock here's a link below you should be able to watch all letters so far I think worth a watch


    too early for me as well watch on iplayer

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    thanks Gardengirl for the link. I was expecting the bbc iplayer to leave the programmes on for 7 days max, as they do with so many other programmes. Pleased to see that it's going to be left on the iplayer for a while.

  • I used to enjoy watching GW with Toby, Carol and Alys.  It was they who made me think, yeah I could have a go at that.  As I am new to gardening I find that sometimes gardening programmes do forget that not all of us are experts and do need all the advice we can get. 

  • If Carol Kirkwood's programme, not that I've seen it, was the only one on TV there might be some cause for complaint, but there are others that cover different ground, so I think there's a case for living and letting live. But there's no chance of a gardening channel, so what you get is about all that's likely. There is plenty of stuff on the web, in books, in magazines, in newspapers, in garden centres and B&Q, not to mention friends and allotment neighbours, relating to practical techniques and problems, so actually information has never been more accessible. No TV programme can do other than scratch the surface in 30 or 60 minutes. You have to make up your mind whether you really want to do the hard work of finding out how to do things or whether you just want to be entertained.

    Anyway, how did people manage to garden for the first 6000 years?image

  • Its wasnt a complaint...just an observation. I still watch it. I like GW. Im no expert and am grateful for all helps and tips. I enjoy any gardening programme. I was just wondering if anyone else thought the samexas me image no offence meant at all.
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    I didn't think anyone took offence , I certainly didn't .
  • I will get the hang of what people mean on thi site yet lolol. One thing that was a bit of a daft thing to show me was the fern grotto. I SOOOO want one of them now and my OH bike shed would be perfect lol.
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    Hehehe I best not watch it then , I too may want a fern grotto image
  • Awww bunny...it was stunning. It was so enchanting and mysterious. The sound of the water and everything. Amazingimage
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