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Is it possible to plant alliums now? if so where can you buy the bulbs?


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Should have gone in the autumn-unlikely you will find bulbs now-you might find some pot grown specimens- but at a price-try the garden centre

  • This time last year I purchased some from either homebase or b&q at this time of year from their bargain bin for 50p. I know it was not the right time to plant them but they came up and they were perfect!!
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,300

    That's right John, I'm sure I've planted alliums later than this. Maybe not ideal, who knows - who cares as long as it works. If a bulb hasn't shrivelled up or gone mouldy it will be OK.  But if it's not the right time getting hold of them might be a problem. Have you got some Olive?

    When we moved to this house there was a bowl of really shrivelled up somethings in one of the rooms. I planted thm out and they're a large patch of ? Ice Follies now. Never give up on a bulb.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
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