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Gardenia 'Hardenia' - white - dropping blackend and health leaves.


Does any one have the Hardy Gardenia 'Hardenia' - white plant?

I have had mine in a container - which I have lined with polystryine - and it has mostly been indoors with a very brief spell outdoors before the last snow came.

It has started to drop its leaves leaving bear stems.  Some of the leaves are going black but it doesnt look like mould. Some of the leaves seem completely healthy.

Soil is damp and I have made the mistake of watering with tap water (althought left in watering can for a few days before use).

I really dont want to lose this plant!  HELP!

With thanx in advance!



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,121

    Frostbite?  A plant which lives indoors should not be put outside in cold weather.  Even one that goes out fo rthe summer needs to be introduced gradually to the outdoors and brought in at night to protect it from changes of temperature.

    Keep it sheltered and out of direct sun and water with distilled or rain water and some liquid rose or tomato food to give it a boost.

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  • I thought that but its been a while since I tried to put it out - before that last lot of snow.

    Its suposed to be hardy - so I thought Id try to aclimitise it during the day then bring it in at nite.

    Its been in during the snow and I have only put it out today because the dog was also trying to strip it.

    I will try the feeding technique for sure - thinking of putting it up in the window where it can get some good light as its been in the hall - very shady - I think it may have not liked the dark and draft from the door?

    Thanx for the tips! image

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,154

    Supposed to be hardy. That will be hardy in a sheltered garden in a very mild winter in the mildest part of the country right up against the house wall. If you're lucky 

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