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can anyone advice me ive got a number of fruit trees ... apples ,cherry and gage they are ok , but the pear tree doesn't seem look very healthy in fact ever since I planted it I really haven't had much luck doesn't have many leaves and there drying up it has three very tiny pears on its branches but I know they wont grow any bigger  ive had this tree for around 4 years It also has yellow on its branches in places thought of feed it seaweed feed but I don't think that will help image 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,692

    Bumping up the list.

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532
    It could be the wind has dried them a bit I would take the fruit off the yellow might be canker,Don't worry about it.I don't know much more maybe somebody else will come along, there are some web sites that you can go on.
  • annmarie 2annmarie 2 Posts: 155

    hi logan , thanks for reply what web sites would you recommend, it getting a little of a puzzle trying too solve what wrong

  • LoganLogan Posts: 2,532
    Annemarie 2 there is one of you want to search for something just put in how to grow pear trees then it will come up with a few more.
  • annmarie 2annmarie 2 Posts: 155

    hi pansyface ,yes that is what it looks like I thought it had something wrong with it, no its not in a pot didn't know you could place them in one ... we do get a lot of winds were I live though , do you think if I feed it with chicken compost it would help

  • annmarie 2annmarie 2 Posts: 155

    thanks logan I,ll defo have a look at this site  , I just got a reply from pansyface  and the photo was sent does look like what is happening too my pear tree but ill double check just to see with the site you recommend

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