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Agapanthus - can you propagate from seed?

PeppertedPepperted Posts: 37

I have just cut the seed heads off my agapanthus. Don't know the name of it but it has white flowers. I just wondered if it was worth potting up some of the seeds and if so what is the timescale to flowing from potential new plants.


  • Many thanks for the link. I am still making my way around this site so your assistance is much appreciated. I will give it a go. Nothing ventured, northing gained.

  • Now is the time to sow Agapanthus seed. I read that they don't flower the first year

  • I got my little seedlings growing on a window sill inside, that I sowed last year about October, they take a while to get to any size mine are about an inch and a half not all the seeds grew though can take up to 4 years to flower I read somewhere. Will try the method you posted sotongeoff, looks similar to what I am trying out I will try and sow more now as well, I have white Agapanthus seeds too. I did try some before but left outside and weather got too cold for them.

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  • Works great - grew a dozen or so from seeds collected from a couple of Headborne hybrids I originally grew from T&M seeds.  Best keep them in pots and only re-pot when they are nearly climbing out on their own in order to get them to flower quickly.  Took about 3 years before flowers in my case.  Be aware they can be a bit of  thug if planted in borders - the thick fleshy root spread unseen and are difficult to dig out, if you decide to move them later, and they take longer before they start flowering (4 years for me) if planted out at 1yo.

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  • has anyone else experienced the same as Bob?

  • Mine are grown in pots and they seed into my gravel drive and germinate in droves. I gently ease them up and pot them on. Someone once said on a TV gardening prog. that they like to be crowded in the pot as in the wild they grow in all sorts of crevices and confined spaces. So I put 7 plants in a large ( 24inch) pot and each year I can't count the blooms there are so many. I have no idea how I shall ever be able to repot these thugs...prbably start again...but so far so good.

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