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Is there any way I can grow plants from seed without a greenhouse, shed or propagator?   Money is very tight and for instance I would like to grow some erigeron but I can't see how I can do it though it would be much cheaper than buying plants.

I have a back garden full of very old shrubs that I would love to get rid of - half of them I don't even know what they are - and in the summer everything is just 40 shades of green - I would love some colour but money is in short supply.

Any ideas anybody please?




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    Annuals sown straight into the ground will give good summer colour. Marigolds, cosmos all the old favourites. Cheap and cheerful. Which erigeron do you want to grow? all species grow from seed, the fancy cultivars won't be as big and flamboyant from seed (better in my view. Seed can be grown without anything artificial, I managed without for many years and I don't use heat now.

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    A lot of plants can be sown outside-most hardy annuals where you want them to flower this year-you can raise a lot of hardy perennials from seed they do not need heat-but will probably take 12/18 months to flower

    The biennials -like wallflower sweet williams etc can be sown outside in April-will flower in 12 months

    It is the half /hardies that are trickier-they will not tolerate frosts but these can often be started indoors just on windowsill- but would not start those of for at least a month or so

    You are not so limited as you may think-these are just some of the optionsimage

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    Una, have a look through some recent threads here. Been a lot of discussion about seed growing. Lidl was mentioned as having cheap seeds.

  • A warm windowsill is all you need for growing many seeds,both annuals and perennial flowers can be grown successfully. Dont waste money on fancy trays and pots recycle! The clear plastic supermarket meat trays make great covers for seed trays, use loo roll inners filled with compost are brill for peas, beans and sweet peas etc and plant them tube and all. Dont start too early March is soon enough, if not you will run out of space if you haven't got a green house to move them on too. (experience speaking here!) Many seeds can be sown directly outside, in April/May once soil is warmer. Marigolds, Poppies, cosmos and erigeron so many too choose from, and if left will self seed for following years. Happy gardening

  • Thanks all - crikey I'm being inundated with responses!  Some really good ideas there for me to work on.  And there's a Lidl close to me, so I'll have a look there for seeds.

    I'm always tempted at this time of year to get started but I know from past experience buying even something like plug plants too early is not a good idea - I have to keep reminding myself to have patience!

    Now all I have to do is find a free windowsill.....!

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    Good morning. This fall I collected 75 seeds from a giant, beautiful copper beech. I refrigerated them for 3 months. I then put them in a wet paper towels inside a baggie and they sat at 80 degrees for 2 weeks. One of them finally germinated. I just put it in soil 1/2 inch deep. Am I doing this correctly? What else can be done? Thank you.

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