what to plant NOW !

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hello everyone 

ive really got itchy fingers and cant wait to get back into my garden,i dont have a shed or greenhouse so its either planting straight into the garden or in pots on the windowsill.

this week i have planted out some dahlia tubers ,lily bulbs and a few anemones (early feb )

parts of my garden do get the sun but its not full sun all day ,i really would like some advice on things i can do right now 

thank you 


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    Lillies are fine-put dahlias out now and you will lose them -way,way too early-you do not plant dahlia tubers in the ground until-mid -April at the earliest-but can start them of in pots inside

    If you have planted them in the garden I would suggest retrieving them image 

    It is still so early in the gardening year for most things unless you can provide the right conditions and it appears your options are limited

    Those fingers need to itch a bit longer-what do you want to grow exactly?image

  • You could plant bulbs already growing in pots and bought in the garden centre, such as daffodils and crocuses, as long as they have been kept outside. I find it quite a handy way to stock my garden, because they are often pretty cheap (ten good pots of tete-a-tete daffodils for a tenner recently) and I can see where to position them among the other plants. Also, reduced packs of spring bulbs (50p each locally) can go in. If they don't come this year, they are likely to do so next year, as long as they haven't dried out to dust.

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    woops guess ill pull the dahlias up tomorrow  ill just have to be happy with drawing and re drawing my garden, ill take a wander tomorrow and see whats growing already in my local garden centre . whats good for cut flowers apart from dahlias , i really like high scented plants too ?? any suggestions 

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    Dutch Iris ,gladioli,if you just want to plant and forget-virtually guaranteed to flower and come back ever year -there are many perennial plants that are available now or will be shortly in pots that can be planted out-will try and think of some scented onesimage

    Just to clarify dahlias come from Mexico and need warmth to get going -if planted now they will just rot away-it is just too cold and wet at presentimage

  • I bort a few things Kerry to plant out but the weather has turned again, going to get pretty cold the next week so for the moment I have just left them in their containers and placed them in a very sheltered spot where it is a lot warmer.

    I have had a touch of garden fever this week so I went out into our gardens with wellies and rake yesterday and cleared up a lot of dead stuff. It did the trick. Am knackered now and don't want to go anywhere near the garden.
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    Sweet Williams for scent.

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    Oh Kerri part of me feels just like you! I love when the nights start getting lighter. 

    Everyone has pretty much said everything I would have. Really at this time of year you reap previous years work such as Spring flowering bulbs like Daffs and Snowdrops. 

    Personally in Winter months I return to Houseplants and forced bulbs (you can plant them outside when it warms up ready for next year).

    If you wanted scented plants, and like the smell of it, go Lavender! Good luck image


  • It is so uplifting to get outside in the fresh air and do some physical work. I've spent time tidying up the beds (from the path, as far as possible, with the odd step onto the deeper areas), pruning hydrangeas, taking off dead bits from last year's perennials.(despite losing the protection from frost that these bits can give the plants)  turning the top of the flower beds a bit so they look fresh, tying up things that should have been tied up at the end of last season and weren't and just assessing the condition of things and making plans for this year. I planted some pots of bulbs and the above-mentioned cheap acquisitions from the garden centre. Just a few hours, but what a difference in my mental state! I do live in mild South Wales and was actually too hot on Saturday afternoon, gardening in the sun. Also, I got the first stint of gardening over with, the one that leaves me with stiff, aching muscles, so I'm ready for whatever the rest of the year brings in the garden. Lovely!

  • Hello Kerri.

    I to have planted around 30 lillies and have started my dahlia tubers inside.

    I have sown  Mimulus which have sprouted also I have X2 Coneflowers on the go ( Purple Magnus) also I have growing a chocolate cosmos and dahlia seeds.

    I cant wait too I love planting flowers.

    take care Graham1977.

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    Wow thanks for all the replys and info. Thats my evening sorted ill be looking through the net now checking them all out. I have also started my dahlias off inside....i just couldnt wait. ive still brought quite abit ,more lilies some oxalis ,liatris,acidanthera's ,iris's and a few packets of seeds . Im going to re think the oxalis because of the things ive read but there is no harm in trying . Thank you guys and gals x
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    Fressia are a must for summer scent. They have a wonderful light perfume. Easy bulbs that come up year after year, though some lift them every year.

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