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Talkback: Raspberries and asparagus

I got my allotment last year (30x30), have managed to clear it ALL and cover with black ground sheet and then cut out holes to plant in (just to get me going and prevent the 'allotment police' from complaining of neglect!)Most definitely made the right decision in having half of it produce every year giving me time to concentrate on the other half!(with a full time job, a husband and three young children I had begun to dread visiting my plot knowing that 2 particular eagle eyed full time allotmenteers were just waiting to pick holes in my efforts!

I decided to lend half of my allotment this year to perennials and so have a herb patch; a fruit corner; artichokes and asparagus planted out. The other half this year has become a field of sweetcorn planted by young people in the unit/institute within my borough for vulnerable teens, they absolutely loved planting out and look forward to their harvest day in September when the 'do one thing' outdoors... coming back to the point ~ this year two of the three artichoke I purchased (one for my home front garden for a beautiful purple flower display) plus 25 asparagus crowns, however, only my home artichoke has 'taken' and only one asparagus made a feeble attempt so have just ordered 3 one year old crowns to plant in over winter to keep me on track for the 3 year 'promise'!

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