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Plants for a fedge

Apologies as I believe I may gave asked this before but can't find the post. I want to create a fedge to go around my front garden and was originally considering willow. My reasons for this were that it would interweave beautifully and would provide attractiveness both in leaf and out. It would also eventually produce cuttings that I could use - but this certainly isn't essential. When I discussed it previously other suggestions were made but I can't remember them. I am looking for a plant that can be weaved together criss crossing, which would be fully leafed in the summer and look attractive in winter. I don't ideally want anything thorny. I don't want a plant that will grow width ways particularly (not bushy). If it is fruiting I have no problem with that. If it is edible to chickens even better. It will be planted in a south facing area which receives full sunlight and can be very moist (back garden is sometimes an unintentional pond). It obviously would be grown close to buildings and would be kept to approximately 120cm high. Would thoroughly appreciate your advice, many thanks ????


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