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JoanliJoanli Posts: 6


Could anyone please give me some advice - I planted a Ceanthous shrub around 2 years ago - the first year it didn't flower but I had to prune it back late summer last year as it was growing too big- this year only a few flowers have appeared.

Any ideas - could the pruning be the problem and will I get an abundance of flowers next year.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Joanli


  • JoanliJoanli Posts: 6

    Thank you for your reply -  this is an upright shrub so grows fairly quickly so got a little bit carried away with the shears -  must remember to cut back after flowering. 

    Is there a certain way of pruning the branches please?

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

    Thanks Joanli

  • wessonwesson Posts: 7

    My neighbour had to replace a large fencing panel and my now very robust and beautiful ceanothus that I'd grown from a cutting several years ago  had to be cut right back to 3" above the soil. This was the year when it should have had its first flowers, having escaped all the frost and cold winds of previous winters, and now here it was a stump, but I was so pleased to find three new strong shoots growing from the stump. How long it will take to flower now and will I still be around to see it goodness knows, but the fact that its growing is hopeful if anyone has to take drastic action with their ceanothus. 

  • JoanliJoanli Posts: 6

    Thank you so much for your help and advice will prune back after flowering and see how it develops next year.

    Thanks again 

  • wessonwesson Posts: 7

    Yes, I thought I had definitely lost it and was very surprised by the new strong shoots coming from the old stem. I was especially sad as this was grown from a cutting a friend gave me when he was moving. It was blackened by many days hard frost several years ago...I didn't agree lightly but the choice was bad blood between neighbours or the loss of my lovely ceanothus....?

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