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Attractive stinging nettles?



  • Louise BLouise B Posts: 81
    Thanks for the replies image

    Very interesting Watery. I've been pondering where all the bees are as I have flowers dotted all over the garden but my front bed has been taken over with giant catmint, it's a huge clump about 1x3m and since the start of June it has been buzzing with dozens of bees.

    I have a very large bed on the roadside (not technically mine) that is enclosed in brick wall and I'm pondering using that as a nettle bed but the neighbours might freak out image xx
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,343

    I have a little wildflower bit bottom left of the garden, in the corner, in the winter its under several inches of water, with dead nettles, bog irises, self-seed nigella, I have planted wildflower daisies.Just gets left to itself, House has to be perfect, everything matching, garden is completely different, I wonder what Freud would say to that! Greatfull for this rain, especially for my wildflower turf, which cost a bomb

  • WateryWatery Posts: 388

    Louise B,  I too  tend to have things dotted around rather than large blocks.  It's because I have a small garden but want to try lots of different flowers.   Also because I'm not good with planning and designimage.    I'm sure the bees eventually get to all your flowers but  maybe they are easier to notice on the nepeta?   I think you are very brave to take on nettles.  I"m one of those people where if I even brush against some with my trousers, I feel it for 24 hrs or more.

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