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stenting roses

in Holland they have been Stenting Roses for Years Now .In there Laborities they Root and Graft Thousands of Roses Every Day all through the Year.

 They do it Two Ways,First one, Using Hortus IBA Soluble Salts .Which a Rose utting is Put into, To Absorb the Rooting Solution.,Then  it is Taken out ,Cut Straight on Top of Stem and the Split Grafting is Done ,Then Potted up .Watered .and put in there Greenhouses .To grow on,

Second Way. Is by Airlayer the Rose .Then do the Split Graft .by Hand or by Machine Omega Graft .both Rooted and Grafted at the Same Time .Stenting,all through the Year.

They say T Budding is found  to be to Slow,

How things are Changing 60 Years ago When i started Grafting Every Book on Roses was T Budding Know other way.You could not Graft a Pelargonium, Now its done all the Time.They have even found how to Graft Tomatoes to a Potatoe and have Ttomatoes in the Summer and Potatoes in the Autunm from the Same Plant,I bet there is a lot more to come Yet.   


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