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Bourganvillea Rescue

 I bought a lovely Bourganvillea at this years Malvern show, 'Tango Suprise', being completely taken in by the vibrancy with no idea how to look after them. 'Good luck!' mum said when she caught up with me. Its now fading away and i need to prove her wrong so i hope someone can help! 

It was placed in my bright spare room but out of the direct glare of the sun, but it has now nearly lost all of its flowers. I then read it should be in full sun so moved it back to the window but no joy. It has been watered but not fed and its still in the original pot from the nursery. (Its not too hot in there but not cool either, i thought they liked the warm.)

Is there anything i can do to revive it? I am moving soon and was hoping to make it a feature in my new conversatory and make my mum eat her words!

Any advice appreciated








  • AWBAWB Posts: 421

    At this time of year it can safely be outside.i would repot with a loan based compost, and added grit.dont think feed required yet.

  • Thanks AWB I will give that a try.
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