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Veg to sow in February...

I'm beginning to get sowing fingers so have begun to plan this years veg plots...what to grow...where and when... so went through last years garden diary. Looks like the only veg which survived an early sowing were pea's early onward and brussels...sown at the end of February. 

March was a far more successful month with toms, chillies, peppers, mangetout, sugar snap and purple podded pea's, sown in the first week of March and going on, with the exception of peppers, to produce bumper early crops after the fab warm Easter we had.

All the pea's went out into the GH on 17th Marchimage hard to believe nowimage.

What did other posters sow, that was successful...


  • Over winter, I make paper pots from old newspaper and in the next week or two, I’ll be planting early peas into some of these pots (2 per pot) in the greenhouse. When they’re through, I put them into a suitable tub and then put them outside as soon as the weather permits - this worked well last year. I do something similar for the maincrop peas except that I’ll put the paper pots straight into the ground when they’re through.

    I also plant early carrots into a tub in the greenhouse around mid-March and, again, when they’re though, I put them outside. 

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Jon cob. Have a trough of perpetual spinach which has gone through the winter, never got around to composting it and thought I read somewhere it starts to grow again in Spring. It's still green leaved but the leaves look as tough as old bootsimage

    Darlo John. Found paper pots excellent but now use toilet rolls for pea's and beans. The cleaning lady at work saves them in exchange for a selection of flower seedlings in the Spring. Envious of your carrots, can't get them to grow longer than a couple of inches, for love nor money.       

  • What size tub do you plant your early carrots in John?


  • I plant Early Nantes into a 12" tub, about 8" deep - just about big enough to make it worthwhile really. And since it's only a small tub, I can move it to anywhere in the garden for convenience.

  • i have sown some seeds 3 weeks ago and they all come throu but i planted them in the greenhouse

    the seeds sown were carrot,cabbage,cauliflower,beetroot,onion,tomato,sweet pea,marygold,sunflower,lettice,spring onoin,corgett, they have done brilliant

    i must be a early bean to do all my seed now in feb image

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