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Lawn needs multiple scarifying? :/

We moved into our first home a month or two ago. The back lawn (120 square metres), wasnt really cared for as such and has A LOT of thatch in it. I took out a bin load of it and then applied Evergreen a week or two later. 

Last night I scarified half of the lawn again and got even more out, shocking how stuff came out. 

Is it ok to finish the job, mow the grass and do one final scarify again in a few weeks time, or is this too stressful on the lawn? 

Even though I took a lot out last night, I am still sure theres a bit more work to do yet... and I don't know if overseeding on top of it would be a waste of seed etc. 



  • paulk2paulk2 Posts: 184

    Are you scarifying by hand using a spring tined rake which just gets into the upper layers or are you using a mechanical scarifier that goes deeper into the ground?

    You have to be careful when you scarify as you can cause yourself more problems if you do it at the wrong time. Heavy scarifying is usually best done during September. You might be better delaying another scarifying session until then and also seed at the same time.

    September is also an ideal time to also address the general health of the lawn, i.e. moss, compaction, drainage and top dressing issues.

    Lots of things online about this, for instance...

    but also "The Lawn Expert" book by Dr D G Hessayon is well worth a read...

    Regards Paul.

  • ZappaZappa Posts: 17

    Thanks Paul 

    I was using a spring tine rake (hard graft!) after waiting a fortnight of waiting for the Evergreen 4 in 1 to kill off moss etc.

    A friend lent me his electric scarifier and I went over the lawn last night. Amazed at just how much stuff came out. 

    Its now quite patchy in areas (in some places it was moss and only soil underneath!!).

    After I finished scarifying I used a spreader and applied Aftercut Lawn Thickener to the entire lawn. I will water it everyday its needed and not step on it again for a couple of months until the new grass hopefully takes.

    Is this a wise plan?

    Also, I just bought that book, thanks for the recommendation!


  • paulk2paulk2 Posts: 184

    That sounds like a sensible plan to me Zappa. If parts are all moss, then don't forget to sort out the reason for this which is usually poor drainage, compaction or growing grass in too much shade. If it is too shady then it will always be a problem area for grass, so you could perhaps remove that patch of lawn and replace it with a border of shade loving plants or perhaps make a seating area instead.

    Hope you like the book and don't pull your back out doing too much manual scarifying!

  • Try good old fashioned lawn sand - it works for me.

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