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Help to identify a conifer

Cosmos2Cosmos2 Posts: 3

I have a very tall conifer in my small garden and I need to reduce the height.  I always understood it to be called a 'Jacobs Ladder' however I can find no reference to a conifer called by this name.  Can anyone help identify this and does anyone know if it can be lopped. I have been unable to post  picture of this for some reason.



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,723

    Hi Cosmos, click on the little tree icon and follow instructions. You'll get an " error" message, but click to close it down then wait about 10-15 seconds and it should load up. 

    It's been playing up for a while. don't be tempted to start again, just click on the X box and it should work.

  • Cosmos2Cosmos2 Posts: 3

    thank you for the information, it's much appreciated.


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