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New tree dilemma

Hi, i have a fairly newly planted garden (3 years now) and have a dilemma. Existing trees still have a long way to maturity are Amelanchier Lamarcii, Cotoneaster Cornubia, Cotinus Coggygria, Prunus, Small magnolia and a multi stemmed birch.  All of these existing trees are doing well but have a lot of growing to do.

Our gardens main wide border runs next to a pavement (5 ft wooden black fence) and busy main road and traffic lights - the garden is to the east and road to the west. The objective is to provide screening and privacy from the road in a light feathery way rather than dense screening which would shade the garden too much. I have to be patient for these things to grow but have a gap which I would like to fill with a young tree and I would like to get a  reasonable sized one 5ft plus.  We are on clay.

Choices are narrowed to  weeping birch, black bamboo or acer palmatum sangokaku. Any advice or experience of these trees in respect of ease of establishing, keeping to a reasonable size etc would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


  • I'd go for a weeping birch. They are very graceful.

    The acer would possibly sulk, and I think they'd prefer a bit more neutral soil, and a sheltered spot. Black bamboo is fine in other people's gardens. I think it may be a victim of its own success, in that you can tell a '1970's' garden by a large pampas grass planted in middle of a lawn. 

  • WillDBWillDB Posts: 2,498
    Weeping birch 'Youngii' is quite small, dense (not airy and open) and eventually takes up space. Other birches will get taller and grow faster but will be more open. 'Tristis' is lightly weeping. Just something to consider - I don't know what kind of space you're working with.
  • Gill DGill D Posts: 6

    Many thanks for the input. We have now discounted the bamboo and went to look at the other two again in a tree nursery with larger specimens. For the space that we have and the outline effect we wanted we have now got a 7 foot coral bark maple. Now planted so fingers crossed it will be happy. Just love the stems and they had a mature version which was a mere £6000!! Beautiful though.

    thanks again for your help.


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