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neem oil price?

sanjy67sanjy67 Posts: 1,007

ive been looking for neem oil tonight  and i have found on amazon 1litre (although reviews say tub states 1kg) for £14,99 with free delivery is this a good price for it

it states the following: 

  • Virgin neem oil is the oil exactly as it comes cold pressed from the neem plant.
  • the reviews are good too but i don't like overpaying if it can be bought cheaper elsewhere image


  • Lizzy CJLizzy CJ Posts: 35

    I do study a lot of reviews and read up on the natural health world, as I write a blog about it,  and one of the things I would say is if your going to buy any natural oil product, research the company that is selling it.  Some cheaper ones are diluted, some will go off due to poor collection, storage and filtering.  If you can buy from a good organicand registered fair trade company, you will get the better product.  Most Ethically Organic Fair trade companies, only use small local farming manufacturers, and this is how you get your quality product.  (This goes for the current trend for Coconut Oil as well!)

    You can buy cheaply  and it may be a good product, but its a bit of a lucky dip. 

    I use The Neem Team, which gets there's from Organix South, who use organic fair trade suppliers.  

    I use neem for any insect bites as I have allergies to them,  Neem 'drew out' the poison from a Horsefly bite on my arm in hours, so no huge swelling itchy lump! Normally my whole arm would have been swollen, then a trip to the Drs for extra strength knockout antihistamines!

    I use it also as an insect repellent for myself, and Im going to try on those horrid lupin aphids this year if I get any!

    Neem is very similar to the tea tree plant,  but its a lot stronger.   If you buy the Vogel product, note it has rosemary oil in it, and is very strong in its scent!

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