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Petunias growing faster than expected

David 25David 25 Posts: 82

Hi, I planted some petunia seeds at the beginning of feb. Im a bit worried there growing quicker than i expected. I already have a bunch of small seedlings. Will this mean they grow to large for the house and that I have to put them outside before the risk of frost has passed?




  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    David -you may have started too earlyimage-I trust they are no longer in the propagatorimage

    Get them onto a well lit window in cool room and turn daily will stop them getting too leggy

    They will need pricking out into trays soon-when they are big enough but you must protect from frosts-or zap

    You do have a greenhouse I take it?image

  • I went to dobbies in Jan and they had the starter plants in, the staff member advised me not to buy them unless I had a cold frame. I bought some seeds and the internet said that usually when the shops have there starter plants in, it is a good time to start seeds. I have still got them in the propagator as I have had no problems with them dying like the strawberry seeds? I take it i should still take it off then? I have no space for a green house but I want to get a cold frame but not until payday which is the 19th.

    Ill try and upload some pics shortly

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Sorry David but you have sown far too earlyimage

    Germination is the easy bit what you do next is the tricky part-they need coming out of the propagator now -heat is no longer required but they need good light to grow compact sturdy plants-and at present you cannot do that-a cold frame will not provide sufficient protection

    Far better to have waited till early March at the very earliest as I said cool room good light now- they must not grow too fastimage

    The internet covers the whole world and is only good for general information-the seed packet is not a great guide either-you need to grow things to suit you personal conditions

  • oh dear what should i do with these now?





  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    They are titchy-do nothing yet-windowsillimage

    Come back in a few weeks for the next stage-you might just get way with it-it depends on the weatherimage

  • ooh fingers crossed. they are currently on the south facing windowsill? would moving them to the north windowsill be better or worse?

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Good light is the vital thing-as I say keep turning daily-the north one at the moment is probably your best bet-slow and steadyimage

  • ok thats what i was thinking. heres hoping. i will come back in a couple of weeks with an update

  • given their size, you may be over panicing

    have a look at this; 

  • That's a useful article, discodave. Thanks.

    David25, as long as you pot on these seedlings at the appropriate time and make sure they are watered and turned regularly (they grow towards the light), they should be OK. They will need to be carefully hardened off and then put in your cold frame and protected from any late frosts with bubble wrap or fleece, and be careful that they don't get leggy because they ae growing towards the light. You want nice compact, well-shaped plants. If they get too tall and thin, you can gently pinch out the tops.

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