Chris Beardshaw to join Beechgrove Garden

Chris has posted on Facebook and Twitter:  "I am so pleased to let you know that I am joining the Beechgrove Garden! The first programme in the series will be on air from the beginning of April until October. Usually shown on BBC Scotland and Sky this year BBC2 will be also be broadcasting the programme on Sunday's. I have long admired the warmth that comes across in Beechgrove so to be invited to be an integral part of the team is a real pleasure."

This is really good news!  I suppose he's been introduced to the programme as it becomes a regular in the BBC2 schedules nationwide from April.  Excellent!



  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Good news all roundimage

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,143

    Yes, very exciting and also good news that it'll be on BBC 2 for those who can't get BBC Scotland.    It's such a practical and well humoured programme.  I hope the GW production team will be watching too.

    The Vendée, France
  • Wow,image Yippeeimage another gardening programme to watch on the TV and not on a computer screen. Has the message finally got through to the BBC that gardeners actually want longer screen time than 1/2hr a week as we now have with Gardeners World and repeats and compilations of other past gardening progs.

  • Any new gardening programme on TV has to be good news. About time too. I've never seen the Beechgrove Garden programme but am looking forward to it. Thanks "The Cycling Gardner" for bringing this to our attention.image

  • AtillaAtilla Posts: 1,493

    Great news. Beechgrove will do well across the UK. It is more 'normal gardener' and gives practical advice to do that week. GW can be pompous at times showcasing large gardens or those with gardens that can take 100 types of x plant.

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,820

    Anything with Chris Beardsaw in gets my vote. image Lot's of his hints on GW How To thread are usually useful, not 'pie in the sky'

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 11,889

    I'm with Bjay. Chris is great and I loved his Chelsea gardens.

  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,455
    Oh yes I'm with rosa , fab gardening and someone to smile at image , haven't seen beechgrove but I shall OH will be delighted more gardening *cough*
  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,289

    Don't know Chris Beardsaw but I do watch Beechgrove and really enjoy it. 

    If you have tv through a sky dish even without a subscription you can get all the local variations

  • I'm with Rosa, Busy-Lizzie & Bunny - good news indeedimage.

    Bunny, you haven't seen Beechgrove - shame on you image.

    Only problem with it being shown nationwide is that it comes from one of the coldest parts of Scotland - those of you in southern England won't believe some of the conditions there image - makes where we live seem like the south of France!  Some of the advice will be a bit late; maybe Chris is there to balance it for other areas.

    You might find Jim (the main presenter)'s accent & words "interesting" imageimage

    Can't wait now for it to come back.

  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,455
    I haven't jean image definitely shame on me , but when was it on , in the day time?

    Yes that's maybe why he is there...or to translate,image kidding !!

    Look forward to it , nice not to see gardens from the tropical southimage
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 11,889

    Don't think it was shown on English TV. I haven't seen it either.

  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,455
    It wasn't busy , just Scotland, but can get Scotland on sky ...if I had known I'd have watched it. ....soon be below the border though.
  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Was usually on a Thursday evening- on BBC Scotland so- sky dish needed in England or i-player which may have shut Liz outimage

    Am have second thoughts now about Chris Beardshaw -he is a garden designer and I do hope that they now they have a "big name" the content of the programme  doesn't change too much-is at its best when it concentrates on the Beechgrove Garden itself and the trials and tribulations-and there is not going to be too many garden makeovers againimage

    But must not pre-judge-wait and seeimage-as regards us down South I never found the advice was that far out as regards timimg- or accentsimage

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,024

    I hope good gardening time won't be given over to helicopters etc

  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,455
    Hehehehe Geoff , the accents softer the further north ...try the borders ...
  • You haven't been to deepest Aberdeenshire then, Bunny??  The doric spoken there's like a language; when young I was taken to visit a cousin, married to a farmer who when he went outside put on his "waldy bits" (wellies).

    It's diluted a lot nowadays as have all regional accents, unfortunately.

    I believe that Jim's from Ayrshire - just round the corner from you!

  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,455
    We have friends from Aberdeen but not distant Aberdeen , also Elgin ...again not country folk image accents are like anyway all different .

    Look forward to seeing it .
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,143

    I find Jim easy to understand and he has alovely way with him.   Chris Beardshaw began his career as a lecturer at Pershore College and later moved in to TV presenting and design.  He's a real plantsman who's very good at right plant right place and also planting combinations.   

    I've watched Beechgrove for a couple of years now and find it very informative and entertaining though I'm less keen on the community project programes.   It gives excellent advice, runs proper trials of plants and products and the team all works well togther and with humour.  CB will make a very good addition to the team.



    The Vendée, France
  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 7,101

    This has made my day !  I think CB is great - he came to talk to our local gardening club last year and was fantastic - kept us all hanging on his every word for nearly 3 hours - definitely more to him than just a garden designer.  If you want a book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about plants and why they behave the way they do then try his "How does your garden grow" book.  Did you know that trees "walk" over a period of years ??

    Also wonderful to think there will be more than one gardening programme a week to watch. 

    And A-Z still has 20 more weeks to go !

    The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones ......
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