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Identify a bird?

Hello, I hope someone can help identify a bird for me.  I found this image onthe internet but it wasn't named.  I'm sure this is a  bird that's been visiting my bird feeder for the last few days.  It has a very distinctive orange beak.





  • paul hardypaul hardy Posts: 21

    Spotted crake?

  • Doogie72Doogie72 Posts: 62

    I tried the RSPB identifyer and my own garden bird books and drew a blank.  Googled Harris's sparrow and that certainly looks like what I've seen - although I can't be sure.  I'll have to take to watching the bird feeder with binoculars/camera in hand at every oppurtunity!  Any excuse to sit down with a cuppa image

    Finding it hard to believe a canadian bird could of found its way all the way across the atlantic to my very modest bird feeder!

  • Doogie72Doogie72 Posts: 62

    I've now managed to get a photo of my little bird visitor.  I've spoken to some other people and someone suggested it was a Whydah, a bird from Africa.  So weather its a Harris sparrow or a whydah its definately not supposed to be in my back garden!



  • BoaterBoater Posts: 241

    Twitchers are a particular type of ornitholgist (it's not just a generic nickname as so often portrayed in the press and on TV) - they are the ones that will travel hundreds of miles to crowd around for a chance to see an unusual visitor like that.

    There are hundreds or thousands of ornitholigists in the UK that could give you a proper ID (I'm not, but I know some), and lots of very serious people who will want to verify it and make a proper record, at which point you may find like Jo47 you are suddenly inundated with people wanting to see it (twitchers).

    Well spotted whatever it is!

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