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The plant on my fence line is dying. unexplainable and unusual. Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can send this for analysis to find out if the surrounding soil has been poisoned.



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    I am almost sure that the RHS may be able to help with that.

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    Can you see what has been happening the other side of the fence? Fence treatment, for instance.
  • There are five other oriental poppies besides other plants on the open plan between our front garden. every thng else is looking good. This plant is yellow blotched leaves the bg seed heads are still upright and foliage looks ill, but not dead. the plot next door is gravel with an occasional ground cover conifer, the gravEl is sprayed with something called resolve to kill the weeds. I need to send the foliage to find out if it is poison and wether I need to replace soil and replant with an indestructible plant, if so any ideas on both questions greatly appreciated


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     This iS an image of poppy plant

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    I have to say that mine don't look significantly different. They didn't do as well as usual this year.

    I split several clumps last year, the parent plants look much healthier than their offspring. I'm guessing that for my plants at least, it's been due to a major lack of rain over the last few months here in Essex, and the young plants haven't managed to establish themselves.
    I've got big cracks opening up all over the garden and I lost many perennials also likely due to lack of rain over the winter months too and the early appearance of slugs.

    Also bear in mind that the plant does die back after flowering and effectively disappears for the rest of the year. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Try a good watering, a dressing of blood, fish and bone and a mulch.

    Good luck

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    Resolva weedkiller is contact/systemic herbicide, which means it works by being sprayed on the leaves from where it kills on contact and by being drawn down to the roots. It's unlikely to have spread via the soil to affect your plants. (If that was possible, his dwarf conifers would have died first anyway!)

    I don't grow them myself, but I have noticed a couple of threads about a disease that's affecting oriental poppies. Since it seems to be only your poppies that are affected, I'd have a look at those.

    Hope it's not that, but in any case, it's unlikely weedkiller contamination would affect your poppies and nothing else.

  • many thanks Guy's. My other five are still bright green and bushy and being retired out  pottering and watering as and when every day in my small patch I noticed that this happened fast.  Where could I send for analysis do you think


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    Analysis is going to cost a few quid  - the Forestry Commission charges £24 for a foliage analysis for example. 
    If the rest of the plants are OK then your soil is OK  - it's just one of those things. 
    Buy another, or have a change and put something else there for a splash of colour.

    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
    Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • thanks Pete,

    You are right, when I was taking the photo they came over to see me and ask what I was doing I said my plant was dying the retort was Well that's alright as I'm going to put a line of stones on the line and that plant is growing over.  they don't like poppies, mine are 4ft tall with 7 inch across the heads. Orders for the seeds have been requested by walkers by. My next door people takE the petals off when they start to fade so as not to fall on the gravel. Now I think I need something like a bamboo that doesn't have petals evergreen. And indestructable


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