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Rhodendron bed

TantyTanty Posts: 59

Hi all

I have a long bed full of lovely dwarf rhodies and azaleas and am about to replant them all into fresh compost.  I've moved loads of surprise alliums and grape hyacinth to another site, and would love to have some ideas for mat-forming plants to replace them with among the rhodies and azaleas - I've been thinking about golden creeping jenny, but would appreciate some ideas on alternatives.

It's a south facing bed.  Nothing growing there has been poisoned by the rhodies, it's all thriving.  I know Jenny's invasive but it's a contained, slightly raised bed so easy to keep under control.  Just want something that will creep into all the gaps to help keep the weeds down and add some contrast colour for the rhodies and azaleas.

Thank you!



  • HCAHCA Posts: 129

    I'm rather fond of Cornus canadensis, flowers and fruits attractive.  Normally around 20cms tall and if it likes you it will spread but never really becomes a problem.  Quite hard to find.  Some of the Enkianthus are lovely plants and they come in a range of sizes now.

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