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After a discussion with sister in law, we have realised certain flowers we have transplanted on and on and cannot be without. Mine is a dark centred magenta geranium , a flower I have ramble through my spirea snow mound..It makes me smile as one of the first plants I ever had. What is your one flower?


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    Geranium wallichianum 'Buxton's Blue', which was one of the first perennials I grew from seed.  Every time I find a self-sown baby, it gets transplanted to any bare patch I can find.  Makes a great ground cover, lovely shade of blue flower, never gets out of hand and seems to grow regardless of the amount of sun or shade it gets - I wish every plant I grow was as unfussy!

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
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    I have to have daffodils in the spring, so sunny and cheerful swaying in the wind, a hint of summer to come.

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    Roses and ...roses. But I am very much in love with my tree peony, I bought it about 8/9 years ago, when I organised the veg garden, to be a nice little shrub growing in the centre. The label said the flowers were white and 6" across (yeah right I thought) Next May, looking down the garden I thought someone had thrown a plastic bag over the fence. I stormed down to the veg patch to find a white flower 8" across and so breathtakingly beautiful that I had to invite people around to see it. Now it is an annual event, usually there are about 30 of these amazing flowers. The label has long since been lost, it came from my wonderful local GC; Moat Road Nursery. The plant is only 1 metre sq. and needs virtually no care.

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    I agree, tree peonies. I have 2, a bright pink one and a white one, which I bought as sad little specimens for half price at the end of the season at our local DIY store. They are so beautiful, they almost look fake and last for ages, great in a vase, too. But on the whole, I love all my flowers and am always sad when one dies.

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    I am really sorry Bunny but that is an  impossible question for me to answer - there are so many plants I can't live without  image

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    That's why I said ONE lilylouise image I too have many.
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    Nope -still can't make my mind up imageimageimage

    Pam LL x
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    hahaha if we all had to move to a new planat and create new gardens but could only take one plant ....i fear you would be left behindimageimage

  • I agree it is so difficult to think of one.  How about one from each season. 

    Winter has to be the snowdrops - so cheering to see their happy little heads nodding to say spring won't be long.

    Spring - has to be the daffodils - bright and cheerful

    Summer - Roses - so beautiful to look at during the day and in the evening you can still smell their lovely scent.

    Autumn - Rudbeckia (although I know more late summer) but they do keep flowering til the first frosts.

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    You lot would need body searched entering the space bus...smuggling extra plants in..image

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    I think I need another one for summer as I only had daffodils for spring. Please, Bunny could I have roses as well? Couldn't have a garden without roses.

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    Hehehe ok I shall grant you roses ....but not all of themimage
  • Every year we grow nicotiana Lime Green. It brightens up the borders, so it's a must for me. But as you say there are so many beautiful plants it's hard to choose. Roses of course, clematis, marguerite's, any spring flowers, but especcially snowdrops, they seem to lift the spirits and you know Spring can't be far away.image

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    There are loads of plants but there is one I have planted in the garden on every house I have lived in. I have a young one here planted last year. A lot of people aren't impressed by it but to me there is something about it - shape and flowers

    It is a tree Prunus Amanogowa. When more mature I plant clematis texensis to grow up it to give more interest. In the last house it was 'Betty Corning' But will be something different here.

  • Have just looked up the tree you mentioned Bjay, it looks lovely, nice and slender, and would fit into most gardens. I can see the attraction.

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    It also has lovely autumn colour image and of course sheds very little shade

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    Ohhh that's what I was wanting in my garden seeing the pic, I haven't seen any in our GC, we had one outside the kitchen window where I worked , the blossom was fabulous and the shape .
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    I haven't seen itin garden centres last one I bought from Parker but found this


    This firm is near me so I often look. One day when I jave pennies to spare I will visit them

    JParkers have them but the one I bought from them last year is a bit tiddly - still it's coming

  • Agree with Lavender - one from each season - here are my would-be-lost-without plants image

    Spring: Narcissi

    Summer: Another vote for roses and rambling geraniums

    Late Summer/Autumn: Anemone

    Winter: Cornus

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