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raised flower bed plants - ideas please!



  • Thanks GG image

    i completely agree - the smaller the space, the more inventive we have to be to make it appear spacious, the fewer mistakes we can afford to make and the more creative we need to be!

    I'd love to see a photo of your tiny garden if you have one GG - once mine is resorted, I will post too image

    Now Spring just needs to get a move on...and it has to NOT rain this weekend as we are moving and replacing the shed!

    Not asking for much, am I?

  • Oh, crumbs! I hope you are not expecting something brilliant! There are a couple of photos of my garden on another thread, about what plans we have for our gardens this year. I'll have a look and post the name and location of the thread. Hope things go well with the shed.

  • I love seeing what other gardeners have done with their gardens image always inspiring!

    Shed is up and needs painting now...once rain stops...then it's onwards and upwards with the raised bed image

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