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Talkback: Slugs, rain and nematodes

A multi pronged attack is my obsessive compulsive solution. Beer traps, midnight forays with a head torch, juiced orange halves and plastic overnight homes work. I also find a visit to my local coffee bar to top up on coffee grounds to sprinkle on and around the new plants is a worthwile trip. They don't seem to like the taste or granularity. <?p>

It's like dusting you just have to do it regularly. Good luck and enjoy your garden.



  • Do slugs killed by nematodes present any danger to garden birds? What about those killed by metaldehyde?
  • Slugs and snails are a nightmare, I'm out every night on slug n snail hunts tonight I've just got my husband to lift the massive pots of hostas onto the patio table because they started munching on them 3 nights ago. This week I gave the coffee grind's in the watering can ago no good if it rains on a night. Last week I put coffee grinds around the plants mixed with all the other things I've tried this year, I'm sure they're laughing at us, anyway I've set a trap lots of tastey hosta leaves on the ground were my hosta pots normaly are must go 9.35pm thats the time they start coming out here.
  • I am bemoaning the swarm of glimmering greeny/black beetles (about the size of a ladybird) which have taken a liking to my large Rosemary bush - my neighbour is bemoaning the same thing. What are they - help please to identify them, and any advice on evicting them would be good. Thanks
  • I cannot believe the number of slugs and snails in my garden this year! It is the first year I have had the time to grow plants from seed and have been really pleased with my success - until I put then in the garden. Then I think every slug and snail from miles around makes a beeline for my little plot! Slug killer only seems to attract even more. On wet days they even climb up my doors and I have a real phobia about slugs - I cannot stand them - and certainly can't touch them as it makes me feel physically sick! I feed the birds to attract them to my garden but do they repay me by eating these pests? No they do not. I'm off on holiday next week but intend to try nemotodes on my return - if there's any plants left.
  • Slugs & snails have been very busy reproducing this year and everyone seems to be plagued by the pesky pests! I've just planted out a few home grown bits and most things have been nibbled. My runner beans have had to be scrapped as all I had left were leafless stalks and sticky snail trails everywhere! I've found a great product which is safe and chemical free. (We have 3 cats so pelletts are a no-no). I've found copper tape from my local hardware store. It's only £3.99 for 4 metres, it gives the slug/snail a mild electric buzz and deters them from venturing over it to the plants. Just stick it in a circle around pots, I made circles by taping it to a cardboard tube and placed at the bottom of the newly planted sunflowers. So far, so good, no damage.
  • Well they didn't munch on the hosta leaves the other night that I left for them but they had a go at one of my large hostas I left on the floor lasr night, so now the whole of the house smells of garlic, which I'm boiling up at this very moment to try tonight.Two nights ago there were more slugs and snails out than I've seen this year so far, all are now in the green bin. I couldn't believe one large snail, it was climbing the wall up to a freshly hung hanging basket,do they see them or smell them ? I'm amazed there had been nothing hanging there since last year but within a few hours it was getting it's first visit.The lupins are having it really hard again this year, some haven't a whole leaf left on them I'm going to try the garlic on them they're in pots with organic slug stop around them at the moment, two nights ago some of their leaves were weighed down with slugs and snail on the same leaves.I wonder if they call for one and other on their way round? anyway happy slug hunting
  • if nemotodes kill slugs what kills snails?
  • My polytunnels were a holiday camp for slugs and snails. They thought they were their personal fast food restaurant! I was afraid to use slug pellets, as I have 4 dogs who regularly play in the polytunnels, and several wild birds, pecking about for my huge spiders. Seemingly from nowhere I now have quite a large population of the most enormous frogs and toads. We have no ponds in the vicinity, so Where can they have come from? Anyhow, I am now seeing a very definite reduction in the slug population, It's a pity the snails are too big for the frogs to tackle. Do they eat snails?
  • I have a slug and snail infestation. I have applied nematodes to my garden but do not think it has worked. I have beds as well as a vegetable plot and its just being annihilated. The pots also, they have eaten my dahlias, marigolds, lavender everything. Please help me?
  • Dear Peonygreen,

    Perhaps you have Rosemary Beetle - there is an article on this site in the section "Problem solving, shrubs & climbers".

    I'm afraid the only solution offered is to pick off the adult beetles and larvae by hand and destroy.
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