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Seeding after scarifying / cutting etc

Quick question(s) - 

I scarified and aerated my lawn as it has been very spongy and full of moss. I got quite a lot out.

I then gave it a cut and added some Evergreen 4 in 1. After 3 days, the grass is pretty dark in places all over. The moss is dying!

Is it wise to wait until next Monday evening, (if dry) before raking it out? By then the Evergreen will have been on the lawn for a week. Enough time?

I am quite confident there will be bare patches and the lawn will look a bit of a mess. I plan to give it a light cut and then apply some grass seed. 

However, if I apply new grass seed to the thin areas, does that mean no cutting the lawn for a few weeks?


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    You can cut after sowing seed, just cut higher than normal. as for scarifying out the moss, leave it for at least two weeks to give it plenty of time to work.

  • ZappaZappa Posts: 17

    Thanks Dave

    But say I work the seed into the bare patches, throw seeds over the lawn thin areas.......water and then leave for a week..... when I go to cut wont me walking over it and the blade spinning disrupt anything, or is it not much to worry about?

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Grass seed takes 7 -10 days to germinate, as long as you cut high you won't disturb the new growth and seed. Your issue comes when the new grass starts to take off. It takes a month or more to grow new significant root systems, so you'll have to cut high for the rest of the summer. When you sow the seed make sure you tread it in. Lawns are long term projects taking sometimes several years to get them right, so don't be tempted to rush things and cut low.

  • ZappaZappa Posts: 17

    Indeed! A marathon and not a sprint, hopefully by next summer the lawn will be in much better shape. It has been neglected for many years by the previous owner, but they are very elderly. 

    After I sow in the new grass and it begins to take off, should I let the new grass grow to 6 or 7 cms before trimming the rest of the lawn again?

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Yes and cut high.

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