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Night "mares tail"


I have just moved into a rented property which I liked because it has a big garden.  I have brought loads of plants with me to put in the garden only to find that 6 weeks on the garden is covered in Mares tail and lemon balm

I am so disappointed now because my plants are going to have to stay in their containers and therefore not thrive.

Is there anything else I can do.  It doesnt seem to have reached the house end of the I risk digging over a new bed and putting my plants in there.  

I am just glad that I havent bought this house as I will have the opportunity to buy next year.  Think I will have to wait until this time to ensure I dont buy something with this wretched stuff in it.

thanks for any advice



  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,237

    You could dig a section of border and line it well with weed barrier membrane - bring in clean soil or sift the excavated soil before replacing. Then plant into your 'clean' bit of border. Or just use large pots (which might be an attractive option if you are moving again next year)...

  • Billy GoatBilly Goat Posts: 51

    Try getting hold of a weedkiller called "Kurtail". Its expensive but it will clear your problem

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