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feeding the otter!

Behind the aforementioned pergola we have a pond 8ft.sq., for the last 15years we have kept gold fish which seem to have thrived. Last year, over night, all the fish vanished and we thought we had been visited by a heron. after investing in a new mesh cover we placed it over the pond weighed down round the edges by stones and new fish we bought! Two or three days later they were gone,the mesh was still in place slightly raised in one place, and we discovered that there are otters in area. Now the dilemma, do we invest in a stainless steel grill or put our hands up and turn the so calling fishpond into a wild life pond. I don't want to keep providing breakfast for the otters. Any opinions out there.  Finty 


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,869

    Wildlife pond every time. Much more diverse and interesting.

  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,471
    I'd forget the fish and allow as wildlife pond , just my opinion image
  • fintyfinty Posts: 27

    Hi Nutcutlet

    I am begining to think so, I don't mind feeding the birds but that was just taking the..biscuit. Although I must admit I did enjoy the fish.What to put in the pond?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,869

    You'll need to make sure the edges are accessible and planted as opposed to hard stuff. The frogs, newts, toads. insects and their larvae will just turn up.

  • fintyfinty Posts: 27

    The edges are hard-stone- and only just been done so no chance of a change but I'm sure I can put plants up along the edge and even have a log or some kind of wooden means of escape or access.We have had newts in the past and lots of frogs.

  • it could be anything taking your fish,could be heron or a cat,your lucky to have otters in your area such beautiful creatures.I doubt very much if they would come near your pond unless it was really quite(they are very shy).Best to either go for a wildlife pond and have no worries or protect your fish with netting or iron grid protector .image

  • fintyfinty Posts: 27

    The heron could not have got into the pond the second  time and as for a cat it would have had to go right in the water swim around and fish then have got out again and as the depth is about 2-3 ft. that would have been a bit difficult, then it would have had to turn around and put the netting back into place. I don't know if cats volunteer to go fishing do they? I did not know but otters have been seen in the area and it would have been quiet as it happened sometime in the night. there is another , the mink I think but I have read that they leave a lot of mess around. The only thing we found after the first lot that went was a tail end of a fish dropped behind the garage.

  • LendoLendo Posts: 1

    Angler:   Otters are now a big problem with garden pools and lakes and rivers read about them in Angling Times Lake owners have put fences up still find a way in.but one has put low voltage fence like the farmers use and it works. have a nice fish pool and enjoy it why not.  


  • fintyfinty Posts: 27

    I think in the end it will come down to finance as now I am torn, wildlife or fish, I have seen a stainless steel mesh which is rather expensive so buying a few plants does have it's advantages. We shall have to see.

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