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Which shrub?

Hello, I have a small front garden on the road of my Victorian terrace house. I'd like to tidy it up and keep it low maintenance by putting slate clippings down and need some suggestions for nice looking shrub to go in the middle? Thanks x


  • It's a very personal decision but, depending on how small/big your front garden is, maybe an amelanchier lamarkii. It has all year round interest with blossom, berries, autumn coloured leaves. But it can grow to about 14foot and canopy about 2metres. Or what about a column/ballerina tree or 3 in a small triangle. The don't have branches growing outwards from the trunk at all and you get blossom in spring and juicy apples to eat image.

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,575

    Lonicera nitida baggesen's gold could look nice with slate chippings. You can trim lonicera to keep it a neat shape and it is evergreen. A mahonia might look good.....they come in many different sizes.

  • I did this with my baggesens gold which could look nice in your front garden 



  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,575

    That looks amazing.

  • Thanks ceres - I saw one at an NGS open day and went home and got my secateurs out. Mine was just big bush but it didn't take long to clip it into shape. Been like that for couple of years now. Does take quite a bit of maintenance this time of year.
  • This is very helpful, thanks guys. My wall is quite low so don't want anything that grows too high or blocks the window. Il be busy this weekend image xx

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