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Sick Gloxinia

About a month ago I bought a Gloxinia (more properly Sinningia 'Switzerland') as a house plant. I carefully picked one with only one open flower but plenty of buds in various stages of development. When the one flower died I cut it off  Meanwhile another flower had opened. Yesterday,I noticed that the stems of all but one of the remaining buds had gone brown and floppy, in other words rotten, and I've had to cut them off. The plant is in my light and airy living room. It is not in direct sunlight, nor in a draught. The heating has not been on since I bought the plant. I water from below and the soil is moist but not wet. What did I do wrong and can I save the plant?


  • RozieRozie Posts: 26

    Thank you for that. I might try putting it in the bathroom

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