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Tellima Grandiflora

I have planted several Tellima Grandiflora and the stems have grown tall but are flopping over. I'd appreciate advice on how to control this please.


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,687

    If these are the flower spikes then they will grow rather tall but if the plant is leggy in general, pinch it out and it should bush out nicely. If the flower stems are flopping all over the place you can use some twiggy prunings from shrubs to support them.

    Tellima likes to be in shade and could turn floppy in hot sunshine (not that we have much of that at the moment).

  • The MonzThe Monz Posts: 3

    Hi Ceres thanks for getting back to me. I'm rather amateur I'm afraid, when you say pinch out, do you mean the long stems or new growth at the base? Also would it be ok to pull away some of the leaves from the bottom of the plant. They're newly planted and seem to be wallowing in the soil? 

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,687

    In order to make a plant bush out, then you remove the growing tip. This will explain what and how.

    Your plants shouldn't need to have the lower leaves removed.

    Any chance you could post a photo of the plants?



  • The MonzThe Monz Posts: 3

    Thanks Ceres will follow the link. Will post a photo as soon as. 


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