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Irrigation in the greenhouse

Hello - I'd like to set up some kind of irrigation system in my greenhouse but I have no idea where to start. I have googled the topic and have found water bags with hoses attached and they seem quite cheap. Has anyone used these or does anyone have any recommendations on how to set up an irrigation system? I want to grow some tommies and cucumbers - thirsty fellas! Thanks as always for any tips.


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    First  question how far are you from a tap, second question is it outside, the tap I mean, and third question are you away from your green house for long periods.

    I irrigate my large greenhouse with watering cans and buckets, two buckets and three watering cans will give enough water for a week, I fill them carry them in and leave them using as needed.
    I have a watering system that is used for when on holiday or away for a while, it cost £35 at B&Q and is a hose pipe with a drip feed system one feed goes to each pot and the hose is carefully set to give a steady drip. When I am away the door and windows are left open, it is better to be cool than overheat the plants.

    A greenhouse with plants needs at least twice a day visitations to adjust air flow open and close vents as required being retired and working in the garden I do keep a constant eye on things and lose very little from cold heat over watering, the three main issues with greenhouses.
    I find the irrigation system can be fickle at times, can lead to some plants being over watered and others left dry so it only comes out when I am desperate.
    OK probably not what you wish to hear but I Can only tell it as I find it, a misting system as used by commercial growers costs the earth and we pay for it buying their plants.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 81,422

    Tomatoes aren't as thirsty as people think, and succumb so quickly to blight/mould/mildew spores which thrive in a moist atmosphere - I prefer to keep my tomatoes a bit on the dry side.

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  • km1977km1977 Posts: 3

    I am looking into collecting water from my greenhouse roof, into a waterbutt raised on bricks. I intend to run a pressure compensating dripper system from a water butt. An open/closevalved  battery operated timer will allow flow to my grow bags. Free and healthy water and automated for when  i am late home from work or when i go away for a weekend.

    I have had loads of advise from and their  eqwuipment seems to be well priced and easy to install. I already have a patio pot watering system.

  • Jeanne M.Jeanne M. Posts: 6

    I think the best irrigation system for greenhouses now is the drip irrigation. It's an automatic irrigation system that senses the moisture of plants and automatically waters them when they need it. This is the best option when you love gardening yet you don't have all the time in the world to take care of them or if you often leave the house. It also requires less water consumption since it only drips water and it doesn't give the plants too much of what they need. -Jeanne

  • This is a subject that I have spent a lot of time on. What I settelled for was a fantastic kit on eBay for 15 pounds for three kits which is just excellent value for money as these kits come with everything you need appart from the timer. You can route it around your green house and away you go.

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