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Tree to attract birds for small garden

Sorry for putting a downer on anyone's evening but we're having our dog put to sleep at the weekend and to soften the blow I've told the kids that we'll bury him in the garden and plant a tree. 

Can anyone suggest a fruiting tree that will attract birds but not grow too big. The garden is in full-sun. 




  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,933

    I second the Rowan.  I think so highly of that tree (it's beautiful year round, provided for the birds and the bees, is tough and can thrive under adverse conditions, etc) that I gave my firstborn the same name. image

    The birds love the Rowan fruit.  Hawthorn is lovely too, if it's an area the kids won't be under, due to the thorny branches.  

    Utah, USA.
  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 21,255
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,286

    So sorry about losing your family's friend - but how lovely to remember happy times shared by creating a place for wildlife - I'd agree with rowan, guelder rose or a crab apple - a hawthorn might grow a little big but it would be lovely if you have the space, or a hazel with it's lovely waggling lamb's tails in the spring and nuts in the autumn if there's another nearby to pollinate it image you could coppice it every few years and watch it regrow, then you can control it's size and it's fantastic for wildlife image


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  • Thank you all for your views and kind words. The house we live in used to belong to my Gran who had a large rowan, badly butchered by well meaning uncles, which we promptly ripped out. So it only seems fitting to reinstate it.
  • Awful losing fluffy loved ones, you get to understand the term 'heartache'.???? I have cotoneasters in my garden and the birds love them. There is also one for every garden size, and some!

  • Jim MacdJim Macd Posts: 750

    My condolences too. I'm dreading that day again.

    Other than the very popular Rowan. Oh, I don't think anyone mentioned this but if you get a named variety please make sure it's a red form such as Cardinal Royal, however CR is not that disease resistant. Has to be S. aucuparia though as the birds leave the other orange, yellow and white species. A Cherry on a semi dwarfing rootstock, Hawthorn is loved by sparrows, or Midland Thorn but try to get a single form. The birds absolutely love Crabapple Evereste and the blossom is out of this world. You can also make good crabapple jelly with it if the birds leave you any. Evereste will come on a choice of rootstocks.



    But then again you can make great Rowanberry Jelly from Rowans. I bought Edulis but the birds don't leave any for me to try so I have to forage for the berries along the road side. image 

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