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Talkback: Monty Don and Gardeners' World

Saddened to hear the news regarding Monty standing down from Gardeners' World. Have found Monty an inspiration from Channel Four's 'real Gardens' to present day. Also found his books 'The Jewel Garden' and 'Fork To Fork' inspiring. Would like to wish Monty a big thank you for his contribution over the years and wish both he and his family all the best.


  • I was very sad to hear the news that Monty Don was leaving Gardeners' World due to illness. Friday nights will not be the same without Monty's enthusiastic and down to earth delivery of the world of gardening. I hope he makes an excellent recovery and returns to his love of gardening in perhaps a less stressful way. Carol and Joe also play a huge part in presenting the show and I am sure will continue to do so. I hope the powers that be think carefully about who will replace Monty as the lead presenter. As a gardener for many years and an avid watcher of Gardeners' World, I have learned to accept change and I'm sure the right person to replace Monty will be chosen. Grateful thanks to Monty for feeding my enthusiasm and good luck for the future.
  • We were very sorry to hear of Monty's illness and hope he get better soon. I am sure being in his own garden will help him recover in peace and one day that he may be able to come back to the programmes and all the great things he does for all gardeners. It will not be the same without him and his enthusiasm. Hi to the other Jacquie Weeks on the blog!
  • I am sad that Monty has decided to step down, but can understand why. Can you pass on to Monty that a health scare such as a stroke does not have to mean you will live in fear for your life for ever. I had a heart attack at age 60, in 1995, brought on by work related stress. I was a screaming hypochondriac before, but I have carried on, watched my diet and exercise, and rarely think about my health these days. My blood pressure and ecgs are fine, and I only have to take aspirin - when I remember. Anyway, good luck to Monty in anything he does in future.
  • As i work in a garden centre I was watering the plants the other day and I wondered how and where they get the water from to water all the plants at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show can you please help me as in the garden centre I work we reuse the rain water thanks any help would be appreciated.
  • Monty you're a proper star, very sad to hear you're leaving Gardeners' World, I hope you feel better soon, and maybe return to the show, you have been my total inspiration to take up growing fruit and vegetables, my girlfriend thinks I'm sad watching Gardeners' World on Friday nights, but watching you and the team really makes me feel I want to get outside, I'm still a novice but get great pleasure from gardening, I seriously think that you Monty brought gardening to a younger audience, and i will certainly miss you, take care.
  • We sincerely wish you well in your recovery and wish to express how much we will miss your enthusiasm and energy. Our gardening life has been changed dramatically by you down to earth approach and your respect for nature and the environment.We will look forward to your writing for Gardeners' World Magazine and hope to see you on screen in the not too distant future. Our best wishes to you and to your family at this trying time.
  • It was a real shock to hear you were unwell, you will be missed, you've never been afraid to get your hands dirty and your enthusiasm has been infectious to get the viewing public out in the garden. You know from your business problems that you can fight your way back from this, life is like a wave, at the moment you are in a trough but life will swing back up again and you are a fighter. i hope the sadness of leaving the programme will pass, have a lovely summer in your garden and maybe you would like to invite us all round to see how it looks later on some friday about half 8. also you might feel qualified to write a book for people who have physical difficulties gardening, hints and tips, all that sort of thing. its a thought, i cant remember seeing a book about gardening for the less able among us. will look forward to reading your gardeners world and daily mail columns, keep us up to date with your progress. all the best.
  • Really sorry to hear the news about Monty; I've enjoyed watching him on Gardeners' World, and reading his various magazine articles. Hope he makes a good recovery and is able to carry on with his work in time. He'll be a hard act to follow on GW.
  • I would like to wish Monty all the best for the future and a speedy recovery. Monty has been a inspiration to me over this past two years. I have since acquired two allotments and I am hoping to go back to college to study horticulture. Once again all the best.
  • Monty you are a great gardener and person - best wishes
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