Red Robin Shrub

Sorry if I am doing this all wrong - I am new to this, please bare with me! image

I have a red robin shrub in my garden.  My Great Nan (she used to own my house) always kept it cut in a rounded shape... it's really grown a bit mad image

I have heard there are certain times to cut and trim them.. is that correct?

Please also let me know if I am using this wrong! lol!! image 

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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,473

    Hi Leanne, the first thing to do is try and identify which type it is.  There are evergreen and deciduous types of Photinia.  If it has lost its leaves, it is a deciduous type and can be pruned now while it is dormant. If it is evergreen, best prune in spring or summer.  The good news is that whatever type it is, you can cut it back hard if it is really overgrown and it will grow back.  Always cut to an outward facing bud.  Keep it in shape by trimming the new shoots when they reach the size you want.  As new shoots can be damaged by frost, I would err on the side of caution and delay cutting it back until the danger of frost has passed.

    If it is an evergreen one, see here:

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  • HI,  I have a totally different problem.  Can anyone advise if I should dispose of a Photinia that due to wind, snow ice  etc is now at a very strange angle and the roots are very loose in the ground.  Thank you. 

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    I suppose it depends on how big it is & whether you want to try & keep it? J.

  • I have this Red Robin bush in my garden and it looses a lot of leaves which are blown all over the garden and beyond.  These leaves have black spots on them.  Is it loosing leaves because it is infected or because it is a natural thing with this shrub?

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    I have also had a Red Robin in my garden for many years now. It started off in a planter but never did very well so I put it in the garden and it has never grown at all. Its still alive its got leaves which it keeps shedding but it it still about one foot tall. Can anyone answer that one ??

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