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Hey all. Last year I tried growing some lupin seeds in the greenhouse, but they all died no matter what size pot they were in. They'd grow to 1 inch then die. I pulled one up the once and found some kind of tiny worm (about a quarter of an inch) on the root. Don't know if it had damaged it enough so it'd die.

I planted them in compost but I can't remember which type.

Looking to grow the larger variety for the cottage garden section in my garden image


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    Lupins are easy to grow outside - just plant the seed where you want them. They are also easy in the greenhouse, it sounds like you had some sort of pest - cut worm or more likely Vine Weevil larvae - that ate your seedling. I suggest using fresh compost and not from the garden or left overs from previous pots. You can also pour boiling water over the compost before using it to kill any insects and mould.

    I suggest trying again with the above. They produce loads of seeds and self seed well.

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    Ruby, I love lupins but so do the snails, you can bring them on in pots put them out in the border and in one night they are devoured.
    Taking a torch and stalking them with a bucket of water and added domestos will get some though not all so now I put the lupins in large pots and try all the latest snail guards none of which work, oh well sow lots and enjoy what the snails leave.


  • I put mine into pots with good drainage as my clay soil just would not let them grow with out being eaten by slugs so I can weather them over winter in the shed and control those pesky slugs who love to devour lupins.image

  • It sounds like you have had vine weevil eggs in your compost. They are little buggers. I use old copper pipe which I have cut into 1" sections which I place on the compost in the pot. Plant the seed in the centre of the hoop and grow as normal. When you transplant, allow the copper to stay on the young plant. It can be left there for years. Slugs and snails get an electric charge from the copper and they back off. As long as the copper ring/hoop is about 2 inches across, the plant will be fine and not choked, and it can establish really well before the slugs can get too it. I have used this with my Delphiniums for years and have crackin plants every year image

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    I have dwarf white and pink lupin, I took cuttings from main plant as spares to bulk out border in pot when others are being eaten, although the slugs love them if I keep stripping the eaten leaves off they keep going .
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    Hey all, I checked the two pests you mention but they're too thick. These worms were very thin. Anyway, I will see about pouring boiling water in the compost beforehand to kill off any stray pests just to be on the safe side!

    Can't recall either if I used compost fresh or old.

  • What is the best method of getting rid of slugs from my plugins 

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