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competition winner?

Has anyone ever won anything from the Gardeners World Win page on this site? I'm always completing the application forms but, sadly, never won a beanimage


  • YviestevieYviestevie Posts: 7,063

    There is a thread on this somewhere,  can't remember anyone saying they had won.

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
  • Just read that thank you and it looks like there are some lucky people.. Ah well I will keep trying - fingers crossedimage

  • flumpy1flumpy1 Posts: 3,117

    I've been trying for over a year and no luck yet, but Dove from above said she has image

  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    Dove won an Alan Titchmarsh book once, but that was from the Advent competition. I have never heard of anyone on this site winning on those big competitions, people do though, there is a list of names and addresses of the winners.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • flumpy1flumpy1 Posts: 3,117

    We must just be unlucky image

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