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Black Larvae in pond

We built a wildlife pond a few months ago, and now its full of 100s of little black larvae, a bit bigger/thicker than eyelashes. They've been there quite a few weeks, i'm presuming they are flies, i'm not too bothered about them but wondering if anyone knows what they will turn in to & when? Thanks!


  • If they are hanging under the surface and zip away when you disturb them, most likely mosquitoes...

  • SarahcjSarahcj Posts: 3
    They're very still and wiggle a little bit if you disturb them, they seem to be clinging to the rocks under the water. They certainly don't zip anywhere, not yet anyway but i expect they might one day soon!
  • Then hopefully I'm wrong. Mosquito larvae hang under the surface and swim deeper when disturbed.
  • RobmkRobmk Posts: 14
    Sounds like midge larvae to me I have them in my pond, my fish eat them, the seem to like them....
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