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Long, thin, narrow strip to plant up...



  • ...everyone...thank you so very much....I love all the care you all give.....roll on then I'll have decided




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    Pics of the end result !!! image
  • Hi Wildcosmos, I've recently moved to a new home and the garden has needed a lot of work, but like yours, it's long and narrow. I don't know if you're looking to just fill a border, in which case what I'm about to write will be useless, but have you thought about a very small tree for planting two thirds of the way down on the lawn? I only ask, as the problem with a long narrow garden is that the eye has a long, long, way to focus and the sides can be blurred in the peripheral part of the eyes vision. Also, having a border down one side can look a bit lopsided. A small tree would help catch the eyes attention, break up the distance of a long garden and give the illusion of a wider garden. I know in mine I'm going to have a couple of acers either side of one another near the fence lines and one ahead, just to break the shape of the garden up. To give you an idea, my garden is about 70ish foot by 18 foot.

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