Water pump for my feature

Hi all, I am looking for a water pump for my initial attempt at a water feature. I have dug a reservoir and intend to cover this with peebles. The pump will be placed in the reservoir and needs to be able to pump water from the tank up a 2ft structure to fall back onto the reservoir. Anyone with any ideas as I don't want buy a pump too powerful to do the job. Thanks


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    Can you give some idea of the size of your structure and some guesstimate of how much water in total there is?

    At my local pond/aquarium centre they have all their pumps on display and working so you can see what the output is.

    I have a 12x8 pond with a 3-tier slate waterfall with ~5gall header pool and use a Triton 5000 pump for that (approx 1000 gph)

    Also have something similar to you - a large amphora laying on on its side with a reservoir beneath - can't remember what the pump is but I think it pumps about 250gph which gives a good (peaceful) effect

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