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Spotty aeonium



  • davids10davids10 Posts: 894

    verdun, i know, just messin' with ya.

    mousey, because conditions are so much different here in nev. verdun would probably be the one to give you propagation information.

    with just a tiny bit of care i think it's pretty easy everywhere.

  • Lizzy CJLizzy CJ Posts: 35

    I'll be honest,  its no special compost,  it was left over from a tub that had Corsican mint in it,  and was probably out of my compost bin, made from the remains of lots of other old tubs.  He kept falling out of the other tub,  so I found this one, and sunk him in it.  hes been there now for 10 months.  stays out until Christmas last year as the cold didn't really come here till January,  then he went back out in February but in shelter,  every time a frost came in he comes inside for the night.  Hes always watered with rain water,  and I do give him lots of petal attention, but 'tickling' the leaves if that's the right phrase? 

    I do believe you can pass on good energy to plants as they pass it on to us - helping cheer us up on a bad day.  I like his 'legginess'!   Makes him majestic!


  • Mousey3Mousey3 PottonPosts: 86

    Thank you Davids10.

    Verdun - yes, St Ives in Cornwall. Its stunning down there, and the place is full of aeoniums, hagging out of people's concrete pots, and its a perfect climate as the salt in the sea air means there is no frost. image

    Lizzy - I'm hoping that Mr Spotty will recover, as I hate to see him like this. Might give him a tickle and whisper sweet nothings in his ear. image

  • Mousey3Mousey3 PottonPosts: 86

    Sorry for delayed response Verdun! How lucky you are to live there - it is stunning.

    I can't really imagine them not being tall like that to be honest - that was part of the appeal - that they stretched out with these beautifully perfect rosettes on the ends. Hope my green one recovers!

    I take it you have no idea what's wrong with it? Why it's all spotty and 'closed up'?

  • Lizzy CJLizzy CJ Posts: 35

    Mine got "teenage spots" during the winter,  when I brought it indoors, and it lost its blackness, and started turning green,  as soon as the sun got on it it returned to true colour,  however I think the spots on mine were from rain turning to frost spots. as this is the time it happened.  there was no other element involved at the time.  

    Im loathe to put him in the ground as up in North Wales, it can get bitterly cold  so I would like to hibernate him over the winter.

  • Mousey3Mousey3 PottonPosts: 86

    Hi all. Pleased to report my aeoniumi are doing well. repotted as suggested and they are looking fabulous! Photos to follow. Can't thank you enough. Xxxx

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