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Spotty aeonium

Please help! 

I bought my first aeonium on summer holiday last year and fell in love! It is now looking like a spotty teenager, and i don't know if it will last. ????

it was lovely indoors during winter and spring but I have noticed it is deteriorating since being outside. Your experience and advice will be much appreciated.

thank you!





  • Mousey3Mousey3 Posts: 86

    Oh thank you so much for responding...I really appreciate it.

    i was told to repot half normal soil and half sand, but ive not reported it at all as I'm pretty scared I'll kill it. 

    not sure why why pics haven't shown up...working off iPad so that might explain it.  I'll get on computer and post them tonight!

    I have them in full sun, and the swartkop variety has flourished outside! I do hope this green one survives as I love it. 

    As I'm a novice, would you mind explaining what mpc is pls? :/

  • Mousey3Mousey3 Posts: 86

    Sorry, should have also said ive not given it any food either, but have tomato food. Will that do? image

  • Mousey3Mousey3 Posts: 86



    Verdun, thank you so much for your advice. I am going to put a picture up now and hope for the best as having some trouble importing the file here. I will try to go to the local nursery tomorrow and get a bag of John Innes.

    I hope the picture is successfully loaded so that you can see what I mean by the spots.

  • Mousey3Mousey3 Posts: 86


     This is the Aeonium Swartkop (at least that's what I think it is) I also put outside, and it's flourished.

  • Mousey3Mousey3 Posts: 86

    Hi Verdun - I have repotted into terracotta pots with some John Innes Number 3, and a little gravel thrown in. Do you think the green one will recover? I haven't been able to identify what it is called, or what the spotting means. Any ideas?

    PS - sorry for not posting's been a bit of a weekend - fell off bike and then got food poisoning!!!

  • Lizzy CJLizzy CJ Posts: 35

    I have a fab aeonium zwartkop,  called 'zebedee'!  Had him for 12months, and is really flourishing,  lives in a glazed pot, outside the front door,  came in for winter and turned green, but back outside in the summer hes full of dark colour again. Ive never seen them for sale in garden centres, and bought mine from St Davids nurserys, in Pembrokeshire, as I had never seen a plant like him. 

    Will post a pick later, but he did develop some spots,  which disappeared once he was back in the full sun.  I just need advice on what to do with him  the bigger he grows!  Now has developed another 9 rosette heads!

  • Mousey3Mousey3 Posts: 86

    Lizzy CJ - that's a great name for a plant! Can't wait to see a pic of him.

    Both of mine were purchased in St Ives, but black Zwartkop variety has always been black. I also have never seen them sold in any of the local nurseries in North London.

    In total contrast to you, the green one was fine indoors, but developed the spots outside, in full sun. image Neither plant has grown any further heads, but hope now they are in bigger pots they will do!

    Please post pics of yours so I can see what pots they are in. image

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