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Ive grown onions for years with no problem but since moving to Hungary im having big prolems. Firstly I get alot that bolt but my biggest problem is why do they split. By that I mean when I go to peel them theres 2 onions under the skin and where they join each has a flat side which then means they are quite small. Im sure last year I grew stuttgart (not alot of choice here) and from May to August its extremly hot 75 to 100.


  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Hallo galest, it sounds to me like you were sold shallots instead of onions. Shallots sold in supermarkets here in Switzerland also contain 2 bulbs.

  • galestgalest Posts: 59

    Oh no Swiss Sue they grow the size of a Jaffa Orange so big like a normal onion wld be but as I said alot when peeled have split inside (obviously while at the growing stage) their skin to to make 2 onions.

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