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Clematis Armandii

lizmaclizmac Posts: 77

Three years ago I planted a Clematis Armandii with the specific purpose of covering a thick black plastic pipe on the back wall of my house.

I wrapped plastic netting round the pipe before planting and the Clematis grew at a fantastic rate and was covered in white flowers a year later.

My problem now though is that the stems growing round the pipe are now bare and all the leaf and flower growth is on the trellis I attached to the wall above. 

Is there any way I can encourage the low buds to come into leaf again or is this just a habit of the plant which cannot be controlled.?

Would be so grateful for any advice.


  • lizmaclizmac Posts: 77

    Thanks Verdun I will try that.  When would you suggest I do the cutting back as this Clematis flowers in the Spring.  Should I wait until it flowers again or would it be safe to do it now?

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,162

    i cut mine back very hard last year when I realised the top growth wasn't going to recover from the winter. It's made a lot of new growth and there are now some very advanced flower buds that don't seem to have been affected by the weather. 

    Lizmac, as Verdun says, it's very vigorous and a bit iffy in some winters. It doesn't die but a lot of top growth gets browned off. Not pretty and difficult to get out of a large tree.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • lizmaclizmac Posts: 77

    Thanks Verdun - I will wait until after flowering - do get one - the flowers are beautiful and abundant - even though we can see our black plastic pipe - the flowers above are worth it and look lovely on a brick wall and the leaves are evergreen in Winter.  You do have to pull or cut off browned ones in the Sujmmer though.

  • Are they supposed to be a bit susceptible to strong winds and are best with some shelter? Lovely almond fragrance.

  • cilmericilmeri Posts: 116

    Thank you both...very useful info. I've 'shortlisted'  armandii  to screen a fence. Also looking at C.Crrhosa Ourika Valley - evergreen.

    Another recommended for good growth and fragrance is (reading the blurb - lovely word) Trachelospermum jasminoides   -  'star jasmin', summer flowering. 




  • FloBearFloBear Posts: 2,281

    I love my Clematis Armandii and it's been covered in flowers for a few weeks now - against a west facing wall in balmy Dorset (!!) Unfortunately as we have had no sun, the fabulous fragance is not wafting about as it did last year.  After it's finished flowering I will have to chop off all the bits that have strayed into the gutters of my bungalow! 

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