• I thought they were really tough plants? Shows how much I know...

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    Mine completely browned off last winter. I cut it right back to stumps and it's oK so far this winter but it's lost the lovely shape it was, just a blob now

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    Mine last through 2 house moves til,winter 2010 image was an original,housewarming present , have since had variegated leaf type in pot and a spreading one in ground , the didn't survive either.
  • It might be a good plan to strike some cuttings on a regular basis in case of loss. I find the old 7" pot and compost covered by a plastic bag works quite well and they will grow on quite happily on the window ledge. Most hardy shrubs will survive even harsh Winter weather under a couple of layers of horticultural fleece or in a frost free greenhouse (or both). I am trying this with an Edgworthia (delivered about a month ago) but whether this will work remains to be seen in the Spring. It's from the Himalayas so can stand the cold but not the damp and cold like most shrubs as this forms ice on the leaves. Hope you have better luch this year!

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    This was before I knew what cuttings were Newcastle being a novice but shall certainly try and be prepared in future ...even if the plant has to move in the house image
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    Where do you buy your plants Verdun ?
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