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Making most of new Garden in new Home



  • OnopordumOnopordum Posts: 390

    I agree with Jo47. Applying weedkiller and fertiliser is just about the last thing to do to encourage wildlife. The reason why the rhine is 'clogged with algae' will be due to nutrient runoff from surrounding land - your lawn is obviously only going to be a small part of that, but it all adds up. Nettles again tend to be a sign of excessive nutrient levels.

    I really cannot understand the national obsession with having a 'perfect' lawn. Lawns with various wildlflowers are much more attractive - I'd go further and add some more such as Cowslips.

  • I guess that people will always disagree - not sure what is obsessive about preferring a lawn without buttercups and daisies but each to his/her own is my philosophy.


  • DevineDevine Posts: 25

    Here is some photos of the area in question




    I think I may just leave the flora and fauna to do its thing, had a broad bodied chaser this afternoon on the bank,


    Though the cats are catching shrews which is really upsetting.


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