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At last............

Wow.What a great planting site it is now.  Congratulations on completing one of those jobs we all tend to look at and turn away in the hope it will do itself if we don't look. Do you have any plans for the area?  And for the stuff you've got out of there?  Great job - have a cup of tea and a jam tart………….


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    You possibly don't want too much shade over a pond, it gets cool and the leaves drop in and may cause a problem.


    A couple of years (probably more, I've reached the time of life where years just run into each other - lovely!), we bought our son a large preformed black plastic pond shape  - I will admit I was very dubious.  It is sited between a large shed (that was probably a garage in a previous life) and his rosa rugosa hedge.  With weeks of him digging out the space, and filling it he had an amazing amount of life in it.  Last year he had newts even.  Always dragon flies, birds come to drink at the shallow end - it really is a joy.  He put in a small solar powered trickle fountain to keep the mozzies out - he didn't want to keep fish so that was OK.  He can now just sit back and watch water boatmen, and all sorts of wonderful things in it.  Go for it.  

    Interested to hear it is a quarryman's cottage, my son's place is an old dairy - his flat is the milk cooling shed end, and has the original Victorian tiles on the floor in what is now his kitchen. 

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    It's looking good Joimage.  Planning what to do now is the exciting bit although I don't envy you digging a pond with all the tree roots.  Glad to hear that your toad had the sense to keep safeimage.  Looking forward to seeing more pics as your area develops.

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    Crikey Jo image That's loads of stuff image Area looks good image

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    So Jealous of you having a new plot to plan and plant.  Hubby has put his foot down about removing more of the lawnimage

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
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    My OH also put the foot down re the grass, on the grounds that a place to out a chair and table is nice once or twice a year when it is possible  (can't call it lawn under the trades description act!!) but it seems that several pots have somehow leaked out over the edge and onto he grass.  Well. I've not dug up any grass ……..

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    Congratulations Jo! You must be itching to get stuck in!!! image looking forward to seeing the progress! image

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    Good work! I've cleared a similar but far smaller spot recently myself... I have Geranium nodosums lined up for it (a new plant for me but I'm in love with it!)
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