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Talkback: Potatoes, broccoli and bumblebees

My Potatoes looked fantastic but never did flower and have no potatoes on them not even small ones can you tell me why.I did plant them in new soil that I bought by the lorry load by the way I live in Spain and I am growing them under cover. Can you help Regards D Burgess


  • I reused my recycling boxes last year to plant salad and veg (we now have green wheelie bins) and am now getting bigger with raised beds. I have to inspect them every morning!! How does anyone stop caterpillars from eating everything?
  • I planted some broccoli & cabbage earlier this year, however, they have been eaten by something. All that is left of the leaves is the veins. I don't think it is slugs because I've put pellets down. The strange thing is that all of the lettuces that I planted in the next row haven't been touched. Has anybody got any idea's what it could be & how I can deal with the problem?
  • James, I expect your greens have been eaten by pigeons. Only solution is to net them. If the growing point is still there, they will regrow. Good luck! (Maybe they don't like lettuce - they haven't touched mine either)
  • New to the veg. garden, so want to know is it too late for me to grow either bean in containers? My garden is very small, have got potatoes growing in large tree pot, but would like to do something else too. Would have to be container grown as well. Linda
  • I have a tree fern which has grown too big for its site. Can i split it or do i have to move it intact
  • I have just started my own herb and veg garden. I noticed that one of my peppers has been eaten. just the stems that's left. What do you think has eaten it. and what do i do to collect the seeds of sunflower.
  • I have just lifted some potatoes and they have nearly all been spoiled with v shaped slashes out of them, I think it is caused by tiny little slugs in the soil. Have you got any tips on how to remedy this problem for next year.
  • What are the best raspberry canes to plant now to obtain fruit from them next year.
  • I planted some broccoli in november and now they are three feet high and are not yet flowering could you tell me why
  • I have recently taken on an allotment in laceby n lincs. I would never have thought how enjoyable planting you own veg would be its a fantastic hobby. i am enjoying learning as i am a complete beginner and this web site has some fantastic tips. Anyone reading this should try and get a allotment or even grow veg in their gardens.
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